Spreading Kindness in Honour of Dot #Good4_Dot

Dot Negropontes was a kind, gentle, driven soul who inspired so many to follow their dreams, be themselves, and help others. I didn’t know her overly well, but every time I saw her, her genuine kindness and interest in me always left me feeling warm, welcome and appreciated. Her smiling, friendly face would shine like a beacon of light in a crowded room, I am definitely going to miss that. I’m so grateful she gave me the to opportunity to photograph her beautiful smile.

When I saw that the Olds Institute had started the #Good4_Dot campaign through anonymousgood.org, in order to spread kindness and good deeds in Dot’s honour, I was so excited to participate.  I just think this is the coolest idea. At a time when we’re all so powerless to help her or her family, we can honour who she was by spreading good. What a testament to the person Dot was, that one of the best ways to show your love for her, is to do kind things for others. What a legacy to be leaving behind! I strongly encourage any one who knew Dot, or anyone reading this to go anonymousgood.org and log an act of good that you either do or witness. For every act of good logged, the 1440 Foundation will donate 50 cents.

In honour of Dot, I decided to ask the community if they knew a Mom who could use a little extra light and love on Mother’s Day. A lovely lady Amanda, told me about her friend Emily who was a strong dedicated Mom who had been through a tough year. I was so excited to offer the shoot to Emily! Then, the incredibly talented Ashleigh, of Makeup of by Ashleigh, asked if she could donate a free makeup session to make Emily’s day even more special! I was so overwhelmed at her generosity! Giving up time on her own busy Mother’s Day to help make a complete stranger’s day a little brighter. Then, my favourite flower shop Casa de Flores (who went above and beyond on one of their busiest days of the year) offered a free bouquet for Emily’s girls to give to their Mom! It’s so amazing to watch kindness spread!

I can’t even describe how wonderful this experience was. I had forgotten how incredible it feels to go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger. Emily and her family adore each other, which made them an absolute dream to photograph. Capturing their love was so special. My heart felt so full knowing I was doing something nice for a woman I had never met, to honour the legacy of an amazing I am thankful to have known! It’s an experience I’ll treasure forever. I have Dot to thank for that.

Here is a little peak at Emily’s magical Mother’s Day session.

P.S. If anyone is attempting to log an act of good, but is struggling with the website, I would be happy to log it on your behalf.



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