Capturing Real Life

Time flies! Oh man, how that old cliche saying has proven itself to be so very true! As a kid it seemed like every day lasted forever, a year was an eternity! But the older I get, each day disappears faster than the last, and truly with the blink of an eye, years have passed and everything has changed.  As time rolls on, and I see loved ones pass away and new little loves born, I can’t help but think about the impact of all the little things along the way. The simple everyday things; they become routine, so engrained in us, that we feel like they’ll be there forever. Then suddenly 20 years have gone by, and those little things that were once such an enormous part of us, get pushed to the back of our memory and subconscious. A new daily routine takes over, and time continues to fly.

As a photographer, storyteller, and someone who is truly fascinated by the human experience, I feel this incredible need to capture it all. To savour, bottle up, and cherish all those seemingly mundane details that make our lives our own. The things that make us who we are, the things that make us feel happy, safe, loved, humble, peaceful. The things that light our soul on fire, or fill our hearts with warmth.

There are a thousand things I could ramble about. Little details of my life that have had the most profound impact on who I am, but I’ll try to stick with just a few for now.  My childhood home takes up a huge piece of my heart. I dream about it all the time. I’m sure it wasn’t the house, but the way I felt when I was in it. It was a time in my life when everything was just as it should be. I had a home that I loved every inch of, a fun backyard, both my sisters still living at home, a magical unfinished basement where anything we imagined could come to life, the cutest little fluffy dog in the world, all the Lion King toys a kid could want, my bedroom walls were handpainted by my Mom to look like clouds,  I could go on and on about what made those days so very special to me.  If I’d had the mental capacity and wisdom to know how quickly that era would be over and how much it would mean to me, I would have taken pictures of everything!! I can sometimes physically feel myself aching to relive those memories. The littlest things; putting coins in my Pocahontas piggy bank, putting on my favourite jammies and getting tucked into bed surrounded by 10-20 stuffed animals, my mom reading Dr Seuss books with me, lying on my Dad’s chest while he watched TV, using encyclopedias, couch cushions and blankets to build forts, family dinners at the table, countless hours singing while swinging the day away on my horse shaped swing,  and on and on and on.  If I try really hard I can see these moments in my mind and feel them in my heart; but what I wouldn’t give to be able to take that memory and all of its essence and hold it in my hand, or hang it on my wall. For suddenly, 20 years have passed, we don’t live in that house anymore, we all have our own busy lives, our get togethers have become fewer and farther between. There are some old photos, scattered in boxes and photo albums of those good old days. But though my parents tried, they were not photographers. Some photos are blurry, over or underexposed, there’s a finger over part of the lens and very very few of those photos include the little things. It’s almost impossible to find a candid photo that depicts what life was really like at that time.  The pictures we do have are of the bigger moments. The ones you get dressed up for, the ones you plan for. But those aren’t the moments that raised me. The everyday, the little things,  real life is what I want to hold in my hand and relive.

Though I don’t have kids of my own, I do have some kids who I love to bits. They grow and change so ridiculously fast!  I thought my own childhood went by in a flash; it’s like light speed as an adult watching a kid grow up. Those little moments are just as important to adults as they are to children. Years from now, I’ll look back on today as the good old days, when the kids were little. When they were always so excited to see me, when we could snuggle on the couch, read stories, tuck them in, feed them, hold their tiny little hands, make messes with them. I hope to be able to give the kids in my life the gift of their memories. Their little things bottled up. Their real life moments captured in all their beautiful glory. The gift of holding their moments, their feelings, their history, in their hands.

Life is not easy and change happens fast.  None of us have any idea what cards we’ll be dealt in the future, but we do know the cards we’re holding right now. We can cherish the moments we’re given before they’re gone. We can acknowledge the things that make our lives special, unique and wonderful, today.  We can capture the beautiful little things, and bottle them up today, so we have them to hold onto when we need them tomorrow.

Here is a small collection of some of my favourite Lifestyle Images.



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