Hurley Family

Happy First Birthday Simon! I got together with the adorable Hurley family to celebrate little Simon’s first birthday.  We met up in Markerville, AB the most adorable tiny town just East of Penhold that I hadn’t been to since a Grade 3 field trip! A fun little blast from the past! The church was where Megan & Kirby got married, which I thought was the cutest idea and such a special place to take photos! (I think I’ll copy the idea and make my family do family photos at the church where my parents were married, thanks for the idea Megan!)  It was very charming and well kept, with its bright blue siding and stained glass windows, with the bright golden sunset, it was so beautiful! The boys laughed all the way through tumbling in the crunchy yellow leaves and goofing around on the bridge, it was like we had the whole town to ourselves to wonder around and be crazy! Simon came armed with his fist full of bright green balloons and gorgeous deep blue eyes, despite having a bit of a cold! He has the coolest little spirit and such thoughtful expressions. Big brother, Solomon didn’t stop moving for a second! He was like a little whirlwind of cuteness and smiles just zooming all around.  These blonde, blue-eyed little dudes were totally adorable in their matching flannel and such a delight to spend a late summer afternoon with! Megan and Kirby are an absolutely fabulous couple, and were so calm and content with their crazy little guys. They were such a pleasure to capture. I’m so thankful to have met them and invited to share in celebrating Simon’s special day!

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