Ashley & Cody

Cody and Ashley live in Camrose, and had never met me before, but were still willing to make the trip down just for photos! I can’t even describe how honoured that makes me feel when that happens.That feeling never gets old! (Thank you for having so much trust in me, guys!!) Ashley’s only requests were fall colours and some water. I think  underneath the Garrington Bridge did the trick ! It’s a stunning place anytime of the year, with camping in the summer and far stretching rock beds and surrounding forests to explore year round. On this calm fall evening, the usually robust Red Deer River had dwindled to a stream, with its still and perfect reflections.   We had planned this session months in advance, so I couldn’t have been happier when we were graced with such a warm golden sunset.  These two were up anything; from taking off their shoes and socks to play in the  very cold  water, to climbing over the huge rocks to get that perfect shot under the bridge! They were real champs! Cody would carry Ashley all over so she wouldn’t hurt her ankle in her very lovely and fancy shoes, such a gentleman! She couldn’t stop giggling the whole time, I loved it! It was easy to capture the love and care these two had for each other, and how they bring out each other’s silliness!

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