Ryley & Amanda Engagement

This country shoot was taken at one of my favorite places to be, the Lazy U Ranch!! This piece of land is so very special to me. This time, my visit was all about celebrating the engagement of my cousin Ryley and his gorgeous  fiancée Amanda, and their crazy dog Odin. I was honored to take their engagement photos in a place with such a rich history in our family, one that Amanda is now part of! The barn in some of the photos is over 100 years old, and the brand marked upon the ring is one passed down to Ryley from our Grandpa. The engagement ring, designed by Ryley was made by none other than  McRae Silver’s Tayte McRae, whom I recently did a family shoot with. Very talented guy! It was definitely a cold day, but oh so peaceful with the river nearby and the Pincher Creek wind blowing through the grass and changing leaves.  Always a good time to go for a walk on the ranch…it’s great to get some outdoor dancing in too! Also, Ryley stopped the truck for me so I could say “Hi” to the pigs! My first time seeing pigs in real life, I kid you not! They were just as cute as I imagined. 

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