McRae Family

Pincher Creek has always been a bit of prairie paradise for me. It’s the hometown of my Mom, and holds a very special place in my heart.  Stacey, Tayte and little Ezra are lucky enough to call it home.  I was so glad to make it there for our fall photo session just before winter hit, just minutes after we finished shooting. We spent time outside of their quaint little farmhouse, before heading up into the hills to look out upon the mountains and sunset.  Ezra spotted their house below as we stood up on the hill, so Tayte took the opportunity to teach him about the land and all their neighbours. I felt like was watching Mufasa show Simba their kingdom. Everyone was in a playful mood, especially Ezra. I was so impressed with what fun he could have just goofing around in a field with his lovely parents. The dog and cats were happy to get in on the fun too! I felt so lucky to be able to capture what a close and bond this family has and had how amazing their home was. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful family!

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