Alice & Chris Engagement

As I was getting my gear ready to head to Revelstoke, BC for Alice & Chris’ Wedding, I realized I had never blogged their engagement session. So, I better do it now, because in just two more sleeps they’ll become Mr & Mrs Maier!! I had a blast at this session, for a lot of reasons! Alice is one of my best pals, so celebrating this milestone for her and her love was such an honour! Having handsome Kane there was a must! Such a sweet boy, who was once upon a time terrified of camera, did so good, and sat very nicely to display his Momma’s ring. Chris brought out his Dad’s old beautiful Mercury, beautiful evening, fabulous sunset, I could just go on and on. I am so beyond excited to capture their wedding day on Saturday!! It’s going to be an epic day!


Alice & Chris Engagement-5Alice & Chris Engagement-10Alice & Chris Engagement-105Alice & Chris Engagement-93Alice & Chris Engagement-95Alice & Chris Engagement-27Alice & Chris Engagement-55Alice & Chris Engagement-58Alice & Chris Engagement-60Alice & Chris Engagement-50Alice & Chris Engagement-34Alice & Chris Engagement-84Alice & Chris Engagement-39Alice & Chris Engagement-102Alice & Chris Engagement-107Alice & Chris Engagement-111Alice & Chris Engagement-114Alice & Chris Engagement-117Alice & Chris Engagement-124Alice & Chris Engagement-128Alice & Chris Engagement-132Alice & Chris Engagement-133Alice & Chris Engagement-277Alice & Chris Engagement-158Alice & Chris Engagement-148Alice & Chris Engagement-149Alice & Chris Engagement-189Alice & Chris Engagement-276Alice & Chris Engagement-141Alice & Chris Engagement-152Alice & Chris Engagement-153Alice & Chris Engagement-156Alice & Chris Engagement-159Alice & Chris Engagement-165Alice & Chris Engagement-183Alice & Chris Engagement-187Alice & Chris Engagement-198Alice & Chris Engagement-199Alice & Chris Engagement-205Alice & Chris Engagement-208Alice & Chris Engagement-202Alice & Chris Engagement-215Alice & Chris Engagement-220Alice & Chris Engagement-222Alice & Chris Engagement-224Alice & Chris Engagement-242Alice & Chris Engagement-254Alice & Chris Engagement-260Alice & Chris Engagement-261Alice & Chris Engagement-249Alice & Chris Engagement-270Alice & Chris Engagement-282Alice & Chris Engagement-293Alice & Chris Engagement-300Alice & Chris Engagement-302

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