Playtime with Luna

This girl is the most wonderful thing in my life. She brings me so much happiness, I can’t even put it into words. So, when I say that she is the most beautiful dog in the world, it’s totally biased. But, she is pretty stinkin’ cute! She loves chasing that old dirty ball around the yard, and I love to photograph it. It’s also a nice way for my to practice my shooting agility…I’ve gotta be quick to throw the ball and take the photo at the same time.  I hope that looking at her pretty face can bring you even a tiny fraction of the happiness it brings me 🙂

One thought

  1. Connie- I love reading your blog and looking at the photos that accompany it. It’s like I can hear you saying it as I read it. It is a pleasure. I wish I could get an app that notified me every time you put a new one..?
    I also have a big appreciation for your ability to use the right “you’re” and your use of commas and lovely flow of words.
    Keep on doing what you do, you are so special and talented!


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