Scott, Brittney and Their Girls

Scott & Brittney made the most beautiful baby girl!! Ruby Monroe is so beyond adorable, and I could not have enjoyed taking her photo any more!!  Though I had snuck a couple photos of her at birthday parties and weddings , this was my first time officially photographing her. Her personality is just as sweet as her face! We did photos at Brittney’s parents’ acreage, one of my favourite places to visit, where I always feel like part of the family! I was lucky enough to borrow their niece Willow to model an adorable coat I had kept in my car forever just in case I found the right kid for it on the right day! I had to take that opportunity! Then came the real fun of capturing Neveah and Ruby, just being sisters.  By far my highlight from the session was when Neveah had a little breakdown, as 10 year old girls tend to do. And little Ruby was so concerned for her, She just stayed contently beside her with her hand on her shoulder. I couldn’t stop photographing it, from every angle. Baby empathy is absolutely heart melting and amazing to see. I was so glad to have been there to capture the moment. Then we snuck in a quick picture with Great Grandma and Ruby 🙂 I absolutely cannot wait for Ruby’s 1st Birthday celebration in June! She is such a treat! And of course so is the rest of the family!



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